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Customer Testimonials

Some comments from our customers...

"I am struck by the openness and better matching of sound quality of the B-flat and F sides as well as the improved sound quality of the very lowest pitches."

"At last, I can now concentrate on making music and not worry or get frustrated by the poor response and heavy resistance of the conventional valve."

"Unexpected solidity of the very top notes of my register was a surprise."

"The respose felt instantaneous and the projection was just perfect.  Finally, a horn that actually aids the player in tone production and doesn't mock his maximum effort."

"After converting my 50B into a "super weapon",  I hear the inadequacies of the traditional rotary trigger and ten-turn wrap-up.  I am so pleased with what is happening.  Bigger breathes, but not as tiring.  Quicker respnse.  Low end - fatter sound.  Better control of pp - sound tail off later.  Pedal image, better sound."

"The whole dynamic range is better than ever before."

"I am absolutely amazed at its response.  The ffs are easier to reach and the note doesn't 'split up'.  There is no "stiffiness"  of resistance.  It's absolutely incredible."

"My instrument produces a much more rich and full sound.  Technical passages once avoided on the trigger now work with great ease and beautiful sound."

"For the same effort I get three times as much sound out of y (Thayer valved) horn... more volume, more core, more definition, consistent tone, etc, etc, ad infinitum."

"I can't get over the thrill of playing with the Thayer valve.  It brought me immediately steps closer to my ideal and saved me hundreds of hours practicing tone and range."

"It was the overall improvement of the instrument that made me a true believer in your valves.  I feel much closer to the music.  The sounds coming out of the belll simply sound more like the image in my head."

"It has the feel of a straight horn with the techinical maneuverability of a valved horn."

"There is not a single physical aspect of trombone playing that your valve does not improve.  I feel that your valve design is the most significant change since the invention of the valve itself."

"...and boy, it works fantastic!."

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