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Thayer Valve Performance


At a tempo of about one bar at 100, the trombonist neeeds a quick, sure response to play this passage.  It does not take as long, nor is it as difficult to establish a note with the Thayer valve.


Scheherazade, Rimsky-Korsakoov


The uncompromised fundamental sound wave allows a clear centering of the note on a given pitch.  It gives a feeling of precision and control.  Both the low and high ranges are outstanding in definition and clarity.


Ein Heldenleben, Richard Strauss


The Thayer valve makes this beautiful solo playable with no variation in balance and tone.  It provides uniform performance whether in open or operated position.


Symphony No. 3, Saint-Saens


Maximum fortissimo passages are delivered full, round, and solid without the harsh flare of an overblown note.  Feather light pianissimos speak with delicacy and assurance.  All intensities are delivered with less effort as with the valve-less trombone.



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